How to Leverage a Book to Change Lives and Grow Your Heart-Centered Business

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Ever wondered how those uber-successful self help gurus do it?

How do they leverage their books into online empires, lucrative speaking careers, and huge paydays while transforming thousands of lives?

Guess what? They all started where you are now—with some transformative knowledge & experience, a small following, and a BIG dream.

I know exactly what they're doing because I've worked closely with them for a decade creating and managing their marketing campaigns and drinking in their wisdom.

And now I want to share it with you.

In this practical 3-part training series you'll learn...


PART 1: Simple ways to leverage your book to build your brand and your email list.


PART 2: Field-tested strategies to generate passive and leveraged income directly from your book.


PART 3: Proven approaches to leverage your book's content into lucrative high-value income streams.

This training is for you if...

You want to help others live a better life and earn income doing it.

You want to be seen as an expert in your field and get paid for your knowledge.

You want to write a non-fiction book OR have already published one.

About Geoff Affleck

Geoff guides heart-centered change makers to write and launch #1 bestsellers ranging from Kindle eBooks to New York Times bestsellers.

Geoff has co-authored five #1 bestsellers including Enlightened Bestseller: 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Self-Help Book and is the creator of the internationally acclaimed eBook Bestseller Bootcamp. 

His passion is helping conscious entrepreneurs translate their knowledge, personal stories and teachings into bestselling books and online programs — so they can make a great living while impacting people’s lives.

What bestselling authors are saying about Geoff...

When it comes to helping transformational authors build their platforms, Geoff Affleck is one of the best online marketing coaches in the business.

Marci Shimoff 

#1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason & featured teacher in The Secret

I had the pleasure of working with Geoff on a bestseller campaign. Thanks to his guidance, the book reached #1 in six Amazon categories and remained #1 for a month after its release!

Jennifer Read Hawthorne

#1 NY Times bestselling author of four books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

I made an excellent choice in choosing to participate in Geoff’s eBook Bestseller Bootcamp. His coaching has helped me every step of the way in the publishing of my first book. I am eternally grateful.

Jennifer Johnson 

Transformational Tour Guide & #1 Bestselling Author of An Awakening Walk

“When I started this journey it seemed like an impossible task. Geoff broke it down into simple, manageable steps that were totally achievable. His coaching allowed me to become a bestselling author!"

Dr. Jim Claussen 

Chiropractor & #1 Bestselling Author of 7 Steps for Life

“My first book just hit #1 on Amazon and I couldn’t have done it without Geoff’s coaching. Geoff is the perfect combination of coach, friend, and cheerleader."

Michelle Gale

Mom, Speaker & #1 Bestselling Author of 

Mindful Parenting in a Messy World

“Geoff's marketing savvy and online expertise was instrumental in two of my books becoming #1 Amazon bestsellers. My latest book became a bestseller two days prior to its official release!”

Barbara Edie

Speaker & #1 Bestselling Author of

Creating the Impossible

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